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Yorkshire Cleaning Ltd is an established Northern company, with over 28 years of experience of working alongside insurance companies and clearance contractors, managing business sites in the period immediately after fire or flood damage.

The experience of knowing exactly how to take care of the damaged buildings during the clearance process, how to salvage stock and equipment immediately after the fire or flood, are critical skills in minimising losses and getting the business back into operation.

When disaster strikes, you need fast and efficient service from competent and knowledgeable people working directly with your insurance company, cleaning up the damage and coordinating the repair work.

Fire claims are now £2 million a day, every day...

A recent ABI survey noted that Fire damage costs business over £2 million every day.

In June 2007, insurance companies paid out over £3 billion for flood damage.
Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said: "Last summer's floods highlighted the urgent need for an overhaul in managing the flood risk. Insurers dealt with over 180,000 claims, and paid out £3 billion".

Our work covers a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning activities.

Sheffield Flooding

A few examples of our work is included on the following pages:

Flood recovery work. Click the logo for more details


Flood recovery work. Select the logo for details.


FIRE: Here's an example of some recent work at a factory that had been damaged by fire. You can see the cleaning up proces in action.

With the right equipment and knowhow, it doesn't take long to get the premises clean and ready for the recovery process - so staff can come back and start to get the work rolling again.

Time is money - so our experience is what you need when fire strikes.



FLOOD: Another recent job - this time at a local hotel which was damaged by floods.

Novotel wanted the damage sorted out as quickly as possible. so that they could get back into business and not lose valuable bookings.

With the right equipment and experience of similar jobs, the cleanup process was completed promptly, with a minimum of fuss.


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